Try something new for National BBQ Week

The sun is out and the birds are singing, it must be time for National BBQ Week … hurray!  Are you a banger or a burger person?  If you are vegetarian you are in luck too as we have an Aubergine Burger devised by the chef Valerie Hamelin using the Aubergine ‘Meatball’ from Burpee Europe recipe for you below!


Celebrate National Picnic Month this July with ATCO

July is ‘National Picnic Month’ and the great outdoors and some lovely chow beckon!  So, whether you are taking a trip to the beach, planning on visiting the countryside or simply looking forward to munch in your own back garden these tips could be handy!


In the Garden : June

We have reached the month of June already! Another year is flying by! Recently we have had some heavy rain and boy did we need it, our gardens were getting on the dry side! June is a key month in our gardens as growth really accelerates, so it is really important to keep on top of things to make your gardening easier later in the summer!


Gardening Tips for June

Watering becomes increasingly important in June as the days lengthen and the sun’s intensity increases, often resulting in rapid growth. Late April and early May were dry times in many areas of the UK, but fortunately, recent downpours have improved the situation. 


August : Gardening Tasks

It’s a good idea to turn compost heaps regularly to aerate the content and improve the breakdown of fibrous material.


Gardening Diary for August

August has arrived, it is high summer and yet again we feel blessed if we are fortunate enough to have a garden! Right now, plants are flowering in abundance and the vegetable plot is in full production of tasty, healthy produce. So, let’s have a look at what we need to do to keep our garden looking fantastic!


Gardening Diary for July

July already! It’s amazing how the time passes and yet we still search for some normality in life. Gardeners though are great optimists, they have to be, dealing with the vagaries of the weather and an array of pests and diseases!

Let’s have a look at our gardening tasks for July:


July : Gardening Tasks

A clean and tidy garden is a healthy one, which means less problems with pests and diseases. Learn to be observant and spot those first warning signs, it will save you time and money!

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