How to grow tomatoes: complete guide

‘British Tomato Fortnight’ is an annual event that aims to celebrate and highlight the wonderful British tomato!  This fortnight encourages consumers to buy local tomatoes and to 'grow your own' tomatoes.

There is nothing quite as magnificent as growing your own vegetables, but tomatoes really are the pièce de résistance when it comes to the satisfaction of tending and eating the fruits of your labours! 


Gardening Tips for May

There is still time to get rid of moss patches in the lawn, using moss-killer or by raking. Don’t forget you can improve ‘thinning’ areas by ‘over-sowing’ with a quality lawn seed mixture and raking in where possible. Remember though that you need to keep the surface moist until the new grass becomes established.


In the Garden : May

The month of May is with us, with longer days and (we hope) more heat in the sun. So far, spring has been reasonably kind to us, though we have a few late frosts to cause us worry. Let’s take a look at what we need to do in the garden this month.


Sowing The Seeds Of Fun with Burpee Europe

It is a well-known fact that the earlier we can celebrate the joy of gardening with our children the more likely they are to continue growing their own vegetables, fruit, and flowers in the future. 


May : Gardening Tasks

As temperatures rise, so do the numbers of slugs and snails, so keep a close watch. As darkness comes, you can make a trip around the garden with a torch and remove the offenders. 


Lawn Association : Mowing Tips for May

By now, you should have done most of the hard work on your lawn and if done well, should be reaping the rewards of all that work. If you have renovated in March, you may need to be thinking about applying a nice feed again to ensure the optimum health of the lawn.


Gardening Diary for May

Spring moves on into May, so let’s hope for a more settled, warmer month following April’s sun, rain, and even snow! Generally, it was a cold yet relatively dry month. So we have some catching up to do in the various areas of the garden. Let’s take a look!

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