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August : Gardening Tasks

It’s a good idea to turn compost heaps regularly to aerate the content and improve the breakdown of fibrous material.

Water regularly and liberally this month. Make use of water butts and remember to use ‘grey’ water from baths and the washing-up bowl wherever possible. Remember, water is a valuable commodity!

Keep on top of weed growth. Remember, they will compete with your plants for nutrients and water!

Cleanliness is everything in the garden and is vital to reduce the incidence of pest and disease attack. Keep a close watch for those little ‘critters!’

Use garden fleece to cover your brassica crops. It will save you trouble from pests later!

Hang strips of sticky tape in the greenhouse to reduce pest attack under glass

To deter birds, squirrels etc. try hanging old CD’s suspended on a post in the garden. The flashing surface is disconcerting for them.

Keep you garden diary up to date. The information you record will prove invaluable in future years.

Continual harvesting is the key for many vegetables to encourage further cropping. Pick young for optimum taste and nutrient content! Oh – and if you have surplus crops, just remember the ‘Covid Community Code’ and pop some round to the neighbours!

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