In the Garden : June

We have reached the month of June already! Another year is flying by! Recently we have had some heavy rain and boy did we need it, our gardens were getting on the dry side! June is a key month in our gardens as growth really accelerates, so it is really important to keep on top of things to make your gardening easier later in the summer!


Gardening Tips for June

Watering becomes increasingly important in June as the days lengthen and the sun’s intensity increases, often resulting in rapid growth. Late April and early May were dry times in many areas of the UK, but fortunately, recent downpours have improved the situation. 


How to grow tomatoes: complete guide

‘British Tomato Fortnight’ is an annual event that aims to celebrate and highlight the wonderful British tomato!  This fortnight encourages consumers to buy local tomatoes and to 'grow your own' tomatoes.

There is nothing quite as magnificent as growing your own vegetables, but tomatoes really are the pièce de résistance when it comes to the satisfaction of tending and eating the fruits of your labours! 


Gardening Tips for May

There is still time to get rid of moss patches in the lawn, using moss-killer or by raking. Don’t forget you can improve ‘thinning’ areas by ‘over-sowing’ with a quality lawn seed mixture and raking in where possible. Remember though that you need to keep the surface moist until the new grass becomes established.


In the Garden : May

The month of May is with us, with longer days and (we hope) more heat in the sun. So far, spring has been reasonably kind to us, though we have a few late frosts to cause us worry. Let’s take a look at what we need to do in the garden this month.


Gardening Tips for April

Brown patches on your lawn after the winter weather? Now’s the time to treat them!

Rake out dead grass with a spring tine type rake and roughen the resulting soil surface. Using a gardening sieve, apply some ‘weed-free’ garden compost to the patch, rake again and then apply some fresh lawn seed. Rake in gently and ensure the seed is kept moist. Germination should take 1-2 weeks.


In the Garden : April

Spring is definitely with us as the days lengthen and there is more warmth in the sun. Our trees and hedgerows begin to show a tinge of green and this is mirrored by the plants in our gardens. We are heading into a busy gardening month, so let’s take a look at those tasks to work on in April!


Gardening Tips for March

Wash down and clean inside and outside of greenhouses to improve light transmission and dispose of pests & diseases. Wash and clean all your seed trays and pots too. Clear all weeds from the garden – a clean start will pay dividends!

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