How to make the most of your extra day this leap year


Every four years, we get to enjoy the 29th of February, and that four-year cycle has come around again in 2020. But why DO we have a leap year? And how can we make the most of that extra day this month?



The additional day is all down to the solar system because it doesn’t take exactly 365 days for a complete spin of the earth on its axis. It takes just under 365 days and a quarter, which is how we gain an extra day every four years.

The reason it’s called a leap year is because although we only get one extra day, the calendar actually jumps - or leaps - two days when we have a leap year. For example, New Year’s Day this year fell on a Wednesday, while in 2021, it will be a Friday.

The extra day is, of course, tagged onto the end of February.


Here are five ways you can make the most of that time:


1. Get your walking boots on and take in some fresh air.

If you have a dog, so much the better - check out our January blog with top tips for a Pawsome walk!


2. Do some prep work in the garden in readiness for Spring.

Tidy up any winter debris and choose some plants and flowers to add some colour to brighten up the garden.


3. Catch up with friends.

If you’ve been too busy to touch base with some of the important people in your life, use this ‘bonus’ day as a good excuse for a chat over a cuppa.


4. Plan a 2020 holiday.

It’s cold, it’s wet, and we’re all looking forward to enjoying a break in better weather. There’s no harm in looking, is there?!


5. Do something cultural.

Take in a play or movie or concert - or put your feet up at home and get immersed in a good book.


Sadly, 29th February falls on a working day, Wednesday. But we won’t get the chance to celebrate 29th February again until 2024, and time is precious, so why not spend at least part of the day doing something nice?

And for any women who are planning to propose to their partner on leap year day, we hope the answer is ‘yes’!