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  • Looking after your lawn during this soggy summer

    Looking after your soggy lawn

    Looking after your lawn during this soggy summer

    Is there anyone out there who’s been able to mow their lawn this month? Nope, we thought not!

    Where-ever you are in the UK, we’re guessing that your mower hasn’t had much of a run-out yet this summer. The constant downpours may even had left your lawn waterlogged.

    There are some important ‘dos and don’ts’ for lawn care during prolonged spells of wet weather - here are the main ones.

    • If your lawn is waterlogged - or even if it’s just very wet - avoid walking on it unnecessarily.  It will cause more damage.
    • Assist drainage by spiking your lawn with a garden fork. Where the ground is very saturated, the RHS advises creating deeper holes or slits, which can be filled with free-draining materials such as horticultural sand to help drainage.
    • The RHS, and indeed every lawn expert in the world ever, cautions against mowing wet grass. There are three very good reasons for this: it’s bad for the turf and soil, it’s not great for your mower, and you could end up injuring yourself. If the mower sinks down into sodden soil, you should definitely hold fire. If your blade isn’t as sharp as it once was, it will struggle with wet grass. And it is NOT safe to mow a wet lawn if you are using an extension lead with an electric mower.
    • If you really must go against all good advice, then there are some steps you can take. Firstly, remove as much of the surface water as possible - dragging a hose across the lawn is one good way of squeezing the moisture out of the grass. Secondly, raise the mowing height to reduce the strain on your mower.  For the same reason, empty the box often. And opt for a ‘slow-mow’ - this will reduce the load on the mower’s blade.
    • Your poor mower won’t be very happy, so afterwards, give it a quick hose-down and allow it to dry out.

    The bottom line? Unless you really have to mow your wet lawn, don’t.  Wait until the conditions are dry.  It shouldn’t be too long now ... surely?!

  • June - a great month to be outdoors!

    June is officially Great Outdoors Month, when we’re encouraged to escape the indoors and enjoy the natural world around us.
    Whether it’s being active, having fun, or just relaxing, researchers tell us that being outdoors is a tonic for our physical and mental wellbeing.
    Here are 7 top outdoor ideas for you to try this June.
    1. Enjoy your garden. The No. 1 top tip. There are loads of things to do in your garden, to suit all moods. Feeling active? Then do some gardening or move your exercise regime outdoors. Looking for fun? Play with the kids or grandchildren. Feeling sociable? Dine alfresco with family and friends. Just want to chill? Grab a book and pour yourself a drink or a cuppa.

    2. Get your walking boots on. If you have a dog, then you’ll need no encouragement with this one! But for those less keen on walking, especially solo walking, then why not bring together a group of friends for regular walking ‘catch ups’. Or join a walking group.

    3. Head for the blue. The water does amazing things for our wellbeing. If you’re near a lake, a river, or the coast, lucky you. Go for a swim, try stand up paddle-boarding, or take in the scenery and bracing air with a waterside walk.

    4. Go exploring. Discover some of the nature reserves, woodlands and national parks in your area. Or seek out some iconic landmarks.

    5. Be creative. Find yourself a nice spot and try some landscape sketching. Or experiment with photography.

    6. Get on your bike. If possible, use off-road cycling trails that allow you to enjoy nature and scenery along the way.

    7. Go camping. A brilliant way to get right into the heart of the natural world. See if you can find somewhere with minimal light pollution, so you can watch the stars at night.

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this June offers us plenty of long, hot, sunny days so we can all appreciate the Great Outdoors. If not, there’s always July … 😊

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