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Gardening Tips for February

Wash down and clean inside and outside of greenhouses to improve light transmission and dispose of pests & diseases. Wash and clean all your seed trays and pots too.

Clear all weeds from the garden – a clean start will pay dividends!

Heavy winter rains can leave the lawn looking a little waterlogged! Use a fork to spike the area, improving the drainage and giving the lawn a better start in spring.

Compost heaps have been lying dormant through the winter. It’s a good time to turn them with a fork or spade to get them moving, to break down the contents into crumbly nutritious humus to spread on your spring garden.

Perennial weeds will survive the winter, so getting out there and digging them up before they become too numerous can save you a lot of angst in spring!

Don’t forget to feed the birds in the depths of winter. Look online or in the garden centre for special feeders if you struggle with invasions from squirrels, magpies etc.

Give your seeds and young plants a good start by using black polythene to warm up the soil before sowing/planting.

If you have not already done it, get your seed/young plant order in as soon as possible, many gardeners were disappointed by shortages and order delays last spring due to the huge demand! You might also miss out on that new variety you particularly wanted!


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