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September: Gardening Tasks

Remove the last fading blooms from roses and cut back taller stems by half to prevent winter ‘wind rock’ from loosening the plants roots.

Drape some garden netting across an ornamental pond to prevent autumn leaves dropping in and rotting away in the pond base. Clear pond weed and green algae from the water to get the pond ready for winter.

In the flower garden, why not save some seed for next year? In dry weather, pick off a few seed heads, separate the seed from its protective capsule and then lay out on paper for a few days until thoroughly dry. Then place the seed in an envelope, label and keep dry and cool until sowing time the following year – it’s easy!

Cut away any leaves covering the fruit of pumpkins and squash in the garden to enable even ripening in the sun.

Consider sowing a green manure in empty spaces on the vegetable plot. This will provide some nutrients when finally dug and will also improve the soil structure together with suppressing autumn weed growth.

September is the time that the seed and plant catalogues start hitting the doormats and as usual they will be full of new enticing things to grow. Many of us now order online, but its not quite the same as leafing through an actual catalogue. Seed companies have been swamped with orders over the last couple of years, so be sure to get your order in early!

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