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Celebrate National Picnic Month this July with ATCO

July is ‘National Picnic Month’ and the great outdoors and some lovely chow beckon!  So, whether you are taking a trip to the beach, planning on visiting the countryside or simply looking forward to munch in your own back garden these tips could be handy!

Choose a good spot

Shade is good, not only for you, but also for your food! So try and find a shady nook under a tree with a lovely view …perfect!

Pack well and dress well

We all have visions of packing a picnic basket and carrying it with ease in our floaty summer dress.  But in reality, although there are some extremely good baskets out there now, a cool box is more practical.  There are even modern picnic backpacks available with incorporated cooler compartments ... amazing!

And the floaty dress? Well this is fine if it is a scorcher, but we all know our wonderful British weather can be a little unpredictable, so make sure to pack a sweater for when it gets breezy, sun hat and sunscreen!

Support for your food and your bottom!

How many times have you settled down to enjoy your picnic, then realised you have not bought a board along to cut your bread on?  In fact a few flat surfaces, like trays, are handy for placing salad bowls etc onto your picnic blanket.

Talking of picnic blanket, make sure you have a comfortable one to sit on…actually why not go the whole 70’s Summer of Love stylee and take some scatter cushions to recline on?

Be a little different

Take a look at some interesting recipes that can be made at home and kept in the fridge overnight.  These are great to have alongside normal fayre of sandwiches and salads. Homemade pizzas are great for this and can be cut up before transporting to the picnic making them handy and tasty!  And pitta breads are perfect for dipping into homemade salsa, guacamole or houmous.


Most importantly …enjoy!  The beauty of not living somewhere hot all the year round, is that it feels so special when the sun does shine.  Live the moment and taste the food!

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