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Using E10 petrol in your ATCO Lawnmower - What you need to know

Petrol is changing to E10 this September in the UK. But what does that mean for your ATCO lawnmower?

In a bid to reduce CO2 emissions the UK government is launching E10 fuel this September, which will replace the current E5 as the standard unleaded petrol on our forecourts. This cleaner, greener fuel is set to reduce CO2 emissions by a whopping 750,000 tonnes per year – that’s the equivalent of taking up to 350,000 cars off UK roads!

What is E10 FUEL?

E10 fuel is a blend of 90% conventional unleaded petrol and 10% ethanol – hence the name E10. Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel which is produced from the fermentation of plants such as sugar cane, wheat, corn and barley. 

The increased amount of ethanol (from 5% to 10%) is what makes this grade of petrol better for the environment compared to the current E5.


So what's the problem?

The increased level of ethanol may be great news for the environment, however, it could be less welcome when it comes to your lawnmower’s engine if not stored and used correctly.

This is because ethanol attracts moisture. When left inside your lawnmower the ethanol content attracts moisture into the fuel, leading to gum formation in your lawnmower's engine fuel lines and carburettor. This causes corrosion, resulting in starting issues and engine damage over time.

Petrol starts to go 'stale' approximately 30 days from purchase. It will go stale whether it is stored in a jerry can or inside your lawnmower’s engine. It is important not to use petrol that has gone stale in your lawnmower.

Should I use E10 fuel in my ATCO lawnmower?

E10 fuel is only an issue in your ATCO lawnmower if it is left to sit inside the mower or stored for longer than 30 days and allowed to go stale. If you only add the amount of petrol you require and replenish it with fresh petrol each time you use your mower, you are unlikely to experience any running issues.

However, if you want to avoid frequent trips to the petrol station we recommend adding fuel stabiliser to freshly purchased petrol. Fuel stabiliser is an additive that will keep your petrol from going stale for up to two years!

You can also use petrol with a lower ethanol content such as super unleaded E5 or fuels that contain no ethanol at all such as Aspen. Many of our authorised ATCO dealers stock fuel alternatives – find your nearest approved dealer here 

Storing your mower

If you are storing your mower for more than 30 days - for example for winter storage - we recommend completely draining your mower of petrol to keep your engine healthy. This can be done by running the mower after you have finished mowing your lawn until it comes to a stop - meaning that the petrol has been completely used up and there is none left inside the machine to cause any problems come Spring.

For more information please consult your lawnmower’s user manual or contact our customer service team at

Battery Power

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