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Seed Gathering Season - get involved

We just love September when the leaves that adorn all our lovely trees in the UK start to turn that stunning amber.  Can you actually imagine a life without these wonders of nature? No, we couldn’t either, but unless we look after our friendly green (and gold) giants, we could lose them!

“A tree is our most intimate contact with nature.” - George Nakashima


The Tree Council launched ‘Seed Gathering Season’ 22 years ago.  This festival runs from 22nd Sep to 22nd Oct and offers the chance for families and communities to get involved and help to grow the trees of the future.

Every year we are encouraged to gather nuts, fruits and seeds to nurture the trees. Not only is this important ahead of tree planting season, it is also a super way to have fun.  As we all know there is nothing so good for the soul as a walk in green spaces filled with trees and plants.  Physical wellbeing can also benefit from the act of seed gathering too, it is amazing how many steps can be notched up on the old pedometer when you are having a ramble in the woods or forest!

This season can help with your tree education too, why not take this opportunity to see how many trees and their leaves and seeds you can recognise?  Kids will love this; you can even utilise this experience and turn it into a game or tree treasure hunt!

Trees are the super heroes of nature, no wonder that they are called the lungs of the earth! They reduce pollution and store carbon, and with all of our help we can help them thrive in the future!

For more information head over to the Tree Council website 

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