38  ATCO LAWNMOWERS You can now achieve a high quality striped finish with our superb battery powered roller mowers, the Liner 16S Li & 18S Li.   The powerful 80V Lithium-Ion battery delivers uncompromising performance equivalent to a petrol engine, with up to an hour of mowing from a single charge and a charge time of only 90 minutes.  Simply hold in the starter button and engage the lever and you’re mowing. No priming, no choke, no pulling the recoil rope, no trips to the petrol station, no barriers to you enjoying your garden. Enjoy the calm of mowing with a battery powered machine, with greatly reduced vibration, noise and zero emissions. The Liner 16S Li and 18S Li both feature a large width rear roller that not only provides those classic stripes, they also make cutting right up to lawn edges possible without scalping. Cutting height is easy to adjust within the 20–70mm range using a single lever with 5 pre-set positions. Cuttings are collected in the 55 litre grassbag which also features an indicator to show when it is full. The battery and charger are included. BATTERY HOUSING LINER 16S Li & 18S Li PROPULSION Self propelled WIDTH OF CUT 41cm (16ʺ) / 46cm (18ʺ) MOTOR 1500W DigiTorq brushless motor BATTERY 80V · 5Ah (360Wh) CUTTING HEIGHT RANGE/POSITIONS 20–70mm / 5 HEIGHT OF CUT ADJUSTMENT Centralised GRASSBAG CAPACITY 55 litres BAG FULL INDICATOR Yes SKID PLATE Yes WASHING LINK No LARGE DIAMETER FULL-WIDTH REAR ROLLER & SCALP PLATE BAG FULL INDICATOR