LINER & CLIPPER ROLLER ROTARY & CYLINDER LAWNMOWERS Precision Cutting and Classic Stripes – look no further than ATCO. Renowned for producing lawnmowers designed to give that wonderful striped finish for the most discerning of British gardeners, the Liner roller rotary and Clipper Cylinder mowers will not disappoint. The extensive range of Liner roller mowers include models to suit virtually every garden, from the innovative 80V Cordless Li models that use the latest in battery and electric motor technology delivering performance equivalent to petrol, to our premium roller mowers packed with advanced features. Finally, our classic Clipper cylinder mower range synonymous with the ATCO brand is grass cutting at its finest. For those with bowling greens, tennis courts or extremely fine lawns an ATCO Clipper mower delivers that luxury finish. Your specialist ATCO dealer will be happy to advise you on the best machine to suit your needs. Visit to locate your nearest dealer, or call our Sales Helpline on 0800 669 6327. 34  ATCO LAWNMOWERS