24  ATCO LAWNMOWERS WALK BEHIND LAWNMOWERS It can be daunting trying to choose a new lawnmower. One of the most important considerations to bear in mind is the size of your lawn. Mains electric mowers are lightweight, easy to use and ideally suited to smaller lawns of around half a tennis court in size. Petrol engine mowers or our 60 Volt and 80 Volt cordless mowers are a better choice for larger areas; they are more powerful and not restricted by a power cable. ATCO use advanced Briggs & Stratton and Honda engines that are all easy to start: on some models you simply have to push a button. Our cordless models have advanced DigiTorq digital brushless motors and high performance Lithium-Ion batteries, delivering petrol equivalent power incredibly quietly and efficiently. ATCO Quattro mowers have 4 wheels; they are highly manoeuvrable and give an excellent finish on all types of lawn. If you want a classic striped finish, choose a Liner machine with a rear roller. Or, for the finest cut of all, a Clipper cylinder mower will cut your grass with scissor like precision. Other things to consider are the chassis – which can be made of polypropylene, pressed steel, aluminium, or hybrid steel/ aluminium – and the type of drive. Hand propelled machines have to be pushed to make them move forward whereas a self propelled one will move forward on its own when the drive lever is engaged. Finally, do you want to collect your grass clippings or recycle them? A mulching plug will eliminate collection, fertilise your lawn and save up to 30% of the time taken to cut your grass with a collecting mower. Your specialist ATCO dealer will be happy to advise you on the best machine to suit your needs. Visit www.atco.co.uk to locate your nearest dealer, or call our Sales Helpline on 0800 669 6327.