A LONG HISTORY OF KEEPING IT SHORT  23 An ATCO lawn tractor can do far more than just cut grass. With our comprehensive range of accessories it can really enhance its value and help you with various tasks around the garden. RIDE-ON ACCESSORIES GRASS & LEAF COLLECTOR With a galvanised steel body, large 350 litre fabric collecting bag and 96cm (38ʺ) working width, it has a standard hitch connection for attachment to your tractor making this the ideal accessory for collecting grass clippings and leaves. GALVANISED CART A galvanised steel body with removable rear tailgate makes this pro cart a useful garden tool. It has large wheels with lawn tread tyres and a good tipping angle for easy unloading. COMBI CART An extremely versatile tool in any garden, this cart can also be used as a wheelbarrow. With a hardwearing polypropylene body which can be hitched for unloading, it has a standard hitch connection for attachment to your tractor. FERTILISER SPREADER Ideal for applying fertiliser over larger areas, this broadcast spreader has a hardwearing polypropylene hopper. The spinning disc action provides a 10’–12’ spread pattern. Material flow can easily be regulated to suit individual working conditions. SNOW BLADE The versatility of your ATCO tractor can be further enhanced with the use of this snow blade. This robust metal blade is easy to mount on the front of your tractor to clear paths and driveways of snow. Snow chains are also available and recommended for use with this attachment. BALLAST ROLLER If you like a classic striped finish on your lawn you need this roller. The weight can easily be adjusted to suit individual conditions by using sand or water ballast. This roller will give you professional stripes with very little effort.