Easy Clean Cutter Deck

Easy Clean Cutter Deck

The 39” Easy Clean Front cut deck is designed to fit Atco’s exciting new range of Centurion Front Cut Mowers. Features include 100cm cutting width, three freely rotating untimed blades and 2 pivoting anti-scalp wheels with a cutting height range of 25-90mm and an easy clean facility.

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New for 2021, Atco have launched a brand-new range of Front Cut Mowers to mark 100 years of Atco. The 39” Easy Clean Front cut deck has been designed specifically to use with the new Centurion range.

As the name suggests this deck can be lifted using a few simple movements to allow for easy cleaning of the underside to remove the usual gardening debris and can allow conversion to rear discharge. With its 100cm cutting width and three untimed rotating blades that offer increased durability over time the 39” Easy Clean deck is the perfect deck for Atco’s Centurion front cut mowers.

This fully floating deck, thanks to the dual bracket layout, provides a better cut on uneven surfaces. It is fitted with 2 pivoting ant-scalp wheels on the front allowing superior manoeuvrability and prevents scalping your lawn especially when negotiating obstacles or undulating terrain. Constructed with 2.5mm thick pressed steel and featuring reinforced Kevlar belts for extra durability, it is also fitted with a tubular bar granting a higher resistance on accidental impacts.

The 39” Easy Clean Deck is fully compatible with Atco’s RAC system making it easier to switch between deck and front implements to accomplish several different tasks. Other features include the patented double braking system for added safety, preventing the deck from inadvertently falling on the users’ feet when raised for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The fitted flexible synthetic-fibre protection prevents dust and small grass clippings to access the lower part of the machine and depositing on fast moving parts such as belts. The deck can be easily converted from mulching to rear discharge mode for those areas that have become overgrowth.


Deck Size100cm
Height of Cut25 - 90mm
Height Of Cut AdjustmentElectric
Pivot WheelsYes


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